The Southern California Cubs are led by General Manager Don Moriarity. Coach Moriarity has the full support of the Chicago Cubs began with former GM Jim Hendry, and continues today with present GM, Jed Hoyer. Coach Moriarity’s support from the organization is broad, and includes the entire scouting department.

The purpose of this team is to provide deserving area high school players with the opportunity to develop and showcase their skills in front of college coaches and professional scouts as well as prepare them for the collegiate and/or professional levels of baseball, and to develop the many intangibles needed to succeed in the game of baseball.

The teams are comprised of the very best talent in Southern California.  We are looking for players who have character, ability, strong work ethic, are serious about their development and aspire to play the game at higher levels. We are looking for players who have the physical ability to play at a national level.

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